Hello All,
I am a newish cyclist, hungry for information, who stumbled across this forum page following a Google search. I am in the midst of my second road bike season here in Eastern Washington State, a land of beautiful rolling hills that is home to Washington State University, seven miles from the University of Idaho, and smack dab in the middle of thousands of acres of wheat, pea and lentil fields.

I spent all of last season on a road bike that did not fit well at all--had incompatible cleats for my pedals, fell off the bike at least 7 times, and ended the season with a torn meniscus that was repaired in December. My surgeon is an avid biker, thankfully, and we spent most of our time talking about bikes. So.....this year I am riding a nice women's specific Litespeed Bella. I can do things on this bike that I could only dream of doing on my other bike...I am in love!

Now that I have a bike that fits...I will be haunting the web for training tips. I love hills, but want to increase my 'snap' during climbing. I want to increase my overall mph, especially on longer trips. I ride alone most of the time, and want to average 17mph on a 50 miler--I also have in mind a need for better bike handling, etc...all of the tricks of the trade. And, I am looking for a cross bike to take advantage of all the rural gravel and dirt roads in my neck of the woods...

I am interested in any cycling events in my area, the PNW. I rode the Bicycle Tour of Colorado this year as a stoker on a tandem--what great fun! So, that is a short intro to me,

Looking forward to many years of roadieness...