Howdy. I guess I should have done this earlier. I'm a Junior Member already. I just now noticed this forum. Anyway, I'm a Texan who has to endure living in Oklahoma I recently had to get back into Bicycling again because an ankle injury, a nasty sprain which is one of many, has put my running days to an end--by order of the doc. I'm 30 and find it harder and harder to get into shape. Once I get there, it's really hard to stay there. I've been told Mountain Biking is quite good for that. So, I went ahead and bought an MTB. I started at an entry level with a 2004 KHS Sport. It's a full rigid. I know some are cringing, but just think how much better I'll be when I switch to one with suspension. I go out everyday to some trails that are a few miles from where I live called NuDraper. If gas wasn't so expensive, I'd drive out to some of the trails on the other side of OK City and Norman and beyond. I guess I'll just have to ride out to them. My KHS actually the 2nd MTB that I've owned. The first got stolen while I was living in Dallas (booo). I really didn't get into it then, though.

Though I'm not new to the MTB world, I'm not new to cycling. I was quite the roadie back when I was in High School. However, those were the days when down tube shifters were standard and the brake lever type were just coming out (and costed a pretty penny). I can still remember my Pewter colored 1988 Raleigh Technium 460.

Anyway, I am thoroughly loving it and look forward to getting back into shape to maybe give a shot at next year's MTB Tour of Oklahoma.