Hey all! After lurking around here for a few days and doing some research I headed out yesterday to my LBS to try out a few entry-level road bikes. Ended up picking up my '04 Specialized Allez Sport today after work and really love it. What a difference from the mountain bikes I grew up with (although I did have some pretty nice trek mountain bikes as a kid).

I have not ridden a bike since I got my license at 16, so it's been a while, and while the old adage of never forgetting how to ride a bike is true, when you get a road bike there's certainly a lot to learn!

I'm 22 now and for the past three years I have been doing the OTHER kind of two wheel riding (the one with horsepower, not leg power ) but have found that for a few reasons (not the least of which are getting a punctured tire on 93, sitting in traffic in full leathers daily,doing a lot of riding up on the race track has caused street motorcycling to lose its appeal to me, and finally with a baby on the way I have this urge to do something a little "safer").

So here I am, still learning, now on my fancy (for me anyway!) aluminum frame, carbon fork/seat post, 105 rear, tiagra front setup bike. The saddle is of course, not comfy, but I gather a good pair of riding shorts and time getting used to it will solve that issue. I'm really not a fan of these "basket" pedals, so I have a feeling an investment in clipless pedals/shoes will be coming soon as well.

Alright I think that's enough of an introduction! Thanks for letting me air it all out