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    a Swiss in....Montreal

    Hello to everyone!
    My name is George.
    I am a Swiss expatriate for one year in Montreal, working at the General Hospital.
    After a month or so here it became unbearable, so I bought myself the only type of bike I did not have yet, a cyclocross. It is a Salsa La Cruz.
    Back home we are dedicated pass climbers with my wife. Every high Swiss Alps pass is our playground. We ride a Serotta Legend/Record 10 (hers), and a Colnago Ovalmaster Ti/Record 10 (his). We have a few more toys, but these are the main ones for road work.
    I used to work at a bike shop during my university years, which has let me develop enough wrenching skills to assemble my bikes myself, from the naked hubs to the finished ride.
    I hope to learn/laugh/share around here.

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    Perhaps you can include Mont Pleasant from Sherbrooke St to Summit Circle in your commute route to the General, to keep your climbing skills. Welcome.

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