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Thread: Hey Y'all

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    Hey Y'all

    Just found this site as I've recently begun researching bikes. Looks like loads of good info which I'll hafta spend some time sorting through.

    As I get started, are there any good FAQs to help sort out the wheat from the chaff? (like, is a bike with a suspension really helpful for comfortable riding/cruising or just fluff?) If so, that'll help me keep from boring the regulars with the same old questions that a poorly worded search didn't find!

    Me? I'm 54 and could use a bit of exercise. I have young kids who really want me to ride with them! (ages ~6 and ~8). So I think I'm sorta looking for a hybrid . I haven't ridden in years and find the sport has... changed!

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    Welcome. I'm 60. Click on the bikes listed in my sig (below) to see my ideas for "comfort" bikes.

    Hope those youngsters don't beat you too badly.

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