Eight years ago I was house setting for a friend in Santa Cruz Calif. and found an old bike in the garage that had been used on the beach. The thing had three in the front and six in the back and flat tires. I had the LBS put in new wheel bearings and fill the tires and road it up and down the bike trail above the bay for two weeks and was hooked. I came home to Asheville NC and bought a mountain bike and have put thousands of miles on it in Bent Creek, Rails-to-Trails in the south east and several trips to Wash. DC.

I just purchase a road bike and am getting used to it and find it opens a whole new adventure. I live near the Blue Ridge Parkway and can ride from my home. I only have about fifty mile on the bike because of the never ending rain.

I waited until I was sixty-five to get the mountain bike and the first thing in noticed with the new road bike is that I still have the ability to stir up a little adrenalin.

Keep on Crank'n