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    Moved to CT about 4 years ago, lived in New Orleans before that. Used to ride about 2k miles a year from 2000-2002, then moved. After a year of riding on the trainer because I was nearly hit by a car my first week riding in CT (Crossing at a crossing area now less) I returned to the streets about 3 weeks ago and I'm doing about 100 miles a week.

    I want to lose some weight and have fun doing it, plus riding a bike is so cool.

    I'm at 230 right now, and want to get down below 200 in the next year. Eating is a problem, I live in CT and we have some of the best pizza places in the world. Do not argue with me, I know.

    I ride a Trek 1000, bought it 5 years ago. For some reason I want to get a new bike and when $$$$ aren't tight, I probably will.

    Found this forum through and thought it looked pretty cool.

    Thanks for having me, and I look forward to using all the expertise I can get.

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