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    oldie but newbie

    so I've been lurking for about a month now and thought it was time to join, especially since I have some questions. I've learned a lot from these forums, and now I'd like to participate.

    I used to be a strong club rider, from my teens up to my mid-30's, now I'm in my late 50's and I haven't even been on a bike in maybe 15 years!

    This summer I got an urge to start riding again, and as I've gotten old and fat I decided I couldn't fit on my old bikes. Also the technology had changed so much! I'll share my buying selection process in one of the forums as it was fun, a lot of new knowledge quickly, and a lot of old knowledge coming back.

    So about a month ago ago I purchased a new bike (Gunnar Roadie) and I've been riding for a month now, really enjoying myself and feeling a whole lot healthier too. I still have some legs, but I can't climb anymore, hope I can work my way up to climbing.

    I'm near Oakland and do most of my riding in Alameda (flat) and in the Oakland hills (which right now I'm getting to by car, as I can't climb up to there yet). Here's a goal: a century next summer.

    Looking forward to being part of this community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backinthesaddle
    ...and as I've gotten old and fat I decided I couldn't fit on my old bikes.
    What is this word "old" that some of the new members are using? I'm not acquainted with it, but then I'm just a kid of 60.

    Welcome to BF.

    You'll get your legs back. And remember -- hills are your friend. They make you strong.

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