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    Hello bikers Need some feedback

    HELLO OUT THERE!!! I need your thoughts on this topic.

    On July 6th I broke my Lemond Zurich frame. I dropped it off to my local bike shop that day and they told me that they could get me a loaner. we are starting the 6th week.... I never got the loaner.

    My Zurich is being replaced with a Malliot Jaune which is awesome, the bike shop had something to do with it but I did too by harping on Trek/Lemond. The new frame had arrived yesterday and will be ready in a couple of days.

    I am a good customer of the bike shop. I have bought 3 bikes and have broght them 2 other bike purchasers. They do all of my service work and all of the service for the people that I have brought them.

    Would you be PO'd that they did not come up with a loaner leaving you bikeless for about 6 weeks. Am I being too cranky for not riding for 6 weeks.

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    Well welcome to the forum. Wouldn't know how I would react, but since I'm a Bikaholic, I would never be bikeless. Something like this would be better for the FOO section by the way.

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