Hi everyone. My name is Burt; I'm 50+ and just bought a Trek hybrid. It's the first bike I've owned that has more than a single speed. I'm into the sport of running (slow but consistent), but have found that running each day takes a toll on the body, so I'm hoping to augment my exercise routine on alternate days with biking. I bike about half the time on limestone trails and the other half around town in a rural small community. So far, my jaunts amount to 12 to fifteen miles over 45 to 75 minutes or so. I really like it. My butt still gets sore after 30 or 40 minutes, but hope that will change relatively soon. I'm already looking at making some modifications to the bike, and that's what brought me to the forum. Looks like an informative and well-mannered website. Looking forward to hearing what the novices and experts alike have to say.

Good Day!