Just trying to get back into riding; doing a 8 to 16 mile ride once or twice a week when I can find the time. I am hoping to start riding most mornings before work - which can prove difficult for me. Riding a '95 Schwinn Le Tour that when new, was ridden several times a week for quite awhile. I quit road - riding in '97 for various reasons and immmediately gained 20 lbs. I want to lose the 20 soon! LOL The Le Tour served its purpose in the mid-90's for me, but now I realize how heavy (and old) the bike actually is. Planning on buying a new one in the spring - but unsure of which bike. I have purchased 2 Cannondale mountain bikes in the past - and still have a '99 F500 that hasn't been used much at all. I bought it and rode it twice when my riding buddy quit on me (this was my last attempt at starting to ride again) - and without anyone to ride in the hills with me - I quit! :-( Never cared for Mtn Biking on my own for some reason.

I have a local park with an 8 mile loop - this is where I ride now - and from what I have seen - the only one on the road - most are mountain biking. Hoping to continue with this ride and then in the spring, join a bike club for more variety in my rides. Getting back on the bike not long ago made me realize how much I loved riding. Looking forward to many rides in the future and reading this forum as well!