Hi everyone!

I'm a 24 year old guy, and I've been riding for about 18 years now, but I've been mostly ignorant of new developments and more advanced riding techniques until now. This summer, I did some research to replace my junky old Sears MTB, and replaced it with a De Vinci St. Tropez 24spd rigid Aluminum hybrid (I mostly ride around town with some limited offroad.) I'd pretty much decided I loved biking before, but with the new ride, I can go 3x as fast with maybe half the effort per trip, and I'm loving it!

I found some nice varied dirt trails where I live, and I've taken the hybrid out on them. It does pretty well, but now I'm already hoping to save up and get a decent dual suspension all-mountain or freeride bike by next season so I can tackle some more serious terrain, and maybe even tour some mountain areas in BC. Hopefully I can pick up some good pointers while I'm here, so I can ride whatever I'm on to its full potential!

I'm still at the point where I'm in awe of the handiness of things like V-Brakes (had plain calipers that were either ineffective or LOCKED) and trigger shifters, and I didn't even know about most of the newer bike style categories, but I caught up fast to get my newest bike, and kind of kept on going... now I've caught myself watching downhill, freeride, and flatland clips, and even picking up biking zines! Having a decent bike has really launched me back into it!

Anyway, I'm a veteran to biking, but a newbie to stunts and newer bike designs. It all looks awesome though, and I can't wait to get deeper into it!