Greetings all - nice to see a forum dedicated to cycling in all forms. I'm a long-time rider of various 2-wheeled devices and have owned/ridden various bikes including an old Columbia cruiser as a kid (big ape-hanger handlebars and a banana seat, used to do cool jumps) to 10-speeds and 12-speeds now to hybrids, mountain bikes, and most recently getting into true "road" riding (where it doesn't necessarily just mean riding on the street on any old thing for the fun of it). I've worked briefly as a bike messenger and used bikes to commute to and from school/work occasionally. I can't wait to hear others' stories and experiences here as well.

Current fleet:
Pinarello Catena Lusso
Cannondale Super V 900
Peugeot "tank" (commuter bike/hybrid). Exact model unknown
a LeMond project. . .

I hope to learn more about "roadie" cycling on here, as well as more of the technical aspects of tuning, maintaining, etc. I've done some stuff but would like to learn more. I'd also like to learn about biking for fitness and maybe even some sport competition.

See y'all out there. . . Ride safely!