Hello all..
Glad to be here....Looks like an interesting, educational forum.

I am from Vancouver, BC. I have been riding a Jeep Comanche MTB that I bought on sale from Sears a couple of years ago. It is a bit heavy and I find I cannot keep up with other people even though I seem to be pedalling a bit faster then them In any case, some scumbag broke into my building's bike parking area and stole a few bikes and also the front wheel off my bike. I was thinking of buying another better bike anyway so maybe now is a good time. What I am looking for is something that I can ride around town, commute to work in (about a 3 KM ride to work so not very far at all) and also get the front wheel in the air, do some jumps, etc (couldnt do that easily with the Jeep) and also maybe take it to some local trails (nothing fancy) on ocassion. I was thinking of a freeride hardtail type of bike.

Anyway just a quick note to say hello