just joined. used to ride bikes a lot as a kid in nashua, nh, a little as a teenager in west palm beach, fl, then not really at all as an adult in hudson, nh, got a BMX and loved it but in nh, and driving to work all the time didn't ride it much, now living in cambridge (right off the bike path) and working in downtown boston, and with all my friends pretty psyched bike enthusiests i've been planning to build a decent bigger bike (the haro BMX is awesome but tiny, and i'm 6'4" 215lbs) so i was picking up a surly karate monkey frameset this weekend and going to piece a bike together from it and stop paying $44 a month for a T pass and dealing with all that crap. was debating on what kind of a bike to get for a while but decided on a singlespeed, as i like simplicity and ease of maintenance. just looking briefly at these forums i'm pretty psyched on the bike community, especially around here, i mean seeing so many bikes everywhere i knew there were quite a few riders in this area but seeing so many posting here is quite cool.