Great forum for info on bikes! Isn't the 'net great??!!

I'm an old fart and have been riding bikes for 40 years. Recently got re-interested after an 8 year hiatus after having to quit riding motorcyles - all types, dirt, street, competition, etc. With family and job and house and cars and all the responsibility it just wasn't fair to be so irresponsible, risking my neck everytime I went out. So I sold them all and we're going back to bicycles. The wife couldn't be happier, she just loves riding.

When we first got together about 15 years ago we bought two mountain bikes and had the LBS put street tires on them. We rode them from the shop to the St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville WA for a tour and picnic on the lawn. What fun.

Tomorrow morning we're picking up two new Trek hybrids and will be taking them with us when we travel in our motorhome. It's always sunny and warm here and lots of opportunity for siteseeing and enjoying the out of doors on a bike.

Thanks for the warm welcome. This is a great forum and I've learned a ton already while doing research on new bikes.

Oh, and my next door neighbors are big time road racers here in So-Cal. In fact, the Mrs. is a state champion.

Look for me on the recreation and family forum.

Best regards,