Hey All!
I've bein lurking for the last month or so and I thought i'd intoduce myself.(plus the mods thought it would be A good idea ) Names Todd lived in the katy area most of my life and have bein cycling seriously in one form or another since I was 12 (an old 40 now). Worked at my local LBS growing up for 4 or 5 yrs. had a couple sponsers in my BMX days(Robinson and my LBS). Grew out that went through A long list of road and MTB,s before takeing A hiatus from rideing for about five years. Then with father time dropping me like Superman on Krptonite bike I decided it was time to get back into cycling...and can't figure out why I ever stopped. Anyhow thats the short of it and I'm looking forward to shooting the shat with everyone ....
P.S. Great forum guys!!!