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    I said Ottawa but I still refer to it as Kanata. In my youth I used to ride everywhere. In my twenties I bought a Miyata 310. After moving to suburbia I hung up the bike for a few years. My wife cashed in her "Club Z" (pronounced "klub zed") points and got me a Raleigh mountain bike. I liked it but didn't ride it much since we always had a kid on a trike or with training wheels. This year my wife and I were bound and determined to take the "one tonne challange" so we opted to ride as much as possible. A friend gave us a used kid trailer and we used that all summer to run errands. Many times I came close to thowing out my 310 but something kept me from doing so. Last week I installed new tires on it and took it for the first ride in almost 15 years. I could not belive how fast it was. Now I make short trips with the 310 and leave my flat bed trailer always attached to the mtb. I am going to see how long this winter I can keep on riding my bike to run errands.
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