Hey all

just picked up my very first road bike last week and am loving it. A Bianchi Strada from who know's when as i got it used. I'll probably want to upgrade to a newer nicer bike pretty soon but didn't want to commit the cash and I also want to learn as much as i can about repairing bikes as possible before i buy new and am planning to ride this sucker through the winter, so used seemed like the best way to go. I've been doing at least 25 Km a day and am riding 40+km twice a week in an effort to work up to my first century before the snow hits. Anyone who knows of some good online tutorials or forums on this site which could help me keep my bike riding as nice as when i bought it would be much appreciated... also any little tips which will help my bike last the winter would be hugely appreciated. drop me a PM if you have any tips or just wanna say hi.

looks like a solid forum community (haven't found one flame war yet while browsing the site) and i look forward to getting to know everyone and learn as much as possible from you guys.