I'm Paul from nr Milton Keynes in the UK, my riding is a cross between offroad and freeride.

I generally go around otherside off the city off road then come back through city center doing a bit off stunting then a bit off single track gravel paths so I can get my sidewards fix for the day.

My bike is work in progress, well I have a scott hardtail for road work only but my other bike is a frame which I have not yet identified.

I bought it 2nd hand, pretty chipped paint job etc, its a full susser monoqoque frame, I've added some double crown downhill forks, wheels etc and my choice off v brakes and shifters, I really cant be asked with working out disc brakes.

I've come back too riding after several years, about ten atleast off doing other sports like running.

I used too be a bit off an old school bmx'r and would try any stunt I was asked, most notably riding off the village hall roof, and have discovered even in my mature (27) age I still have no concern for my own saftey when riding off road or downhill. Thats why I shall probably be posting more crashes and injurys.

I ride about 3 hours a day when its not raining.