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    Commuter form Cleveland area


    I am a bike commuter form SW suburbs of Cleveland. I've been cranking to work at least 12 years (over 180 times/year recently).

    My concerns include protecting cyclists right to the roads, improving bicycle traffic laws, cyclists' legal defense and educating society about cycling.

    I have a big advocacy section on the Crankmail Web Site. This includes a survey of local bicycle traffic ordanances in 60 NE Ohio communities (results are not good).

    As mentioned in another post, I am running for the board of the League of American Bicyclists. I hope to get LAB to do more of the needs listed above. I need 50 signatures on petitions by late Dec. Please help if you are an LAB memeber and live in IL, IN, MI or OH.

    You can read more about all this from my personal web site

    --- Fred
    Fred Oswald, LCI #947, <>
    See cycling information at

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    Go Fred go,Welcome to BF.
    Sick BubbleGum

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