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    Newbie bicyclist here

    Hi everyone!

    I just got back into owning and riding my own bicycle. Believe it or not, I haven't owned a bicycle since high school, which we're talking back in the 80's. I had this cheapy Huffy BMX bike which was stolen. I haven't gotten a new bike since. Not because my other one was stolen, but it was at the time when I was getting my driver's license and I was more interested in getting my first car rather than replacing my stolen bike and I kind of grew away from bike riding and only occasionally rode a friend's bike, but nothing on a regular basis.

    Now decades later, I started to get interested in owning a bike more or less for exercise, short commutes and maybe a relaxing ride along a bike trail.

    My first thought was just get a $100 mountain bike from Wal-Mart since I don't make tons of money. However, I figured I want this bike to last and be safe for me so I broke bank a little and spent around $280 for a TREK 3700. I know for some of you more seasoned bicyclists out there that even that isn't really the best there is, I'm just getting back into the scene, so bear with me.
    I chose this one as it serves the casual and multi-purpose use in a bicycle I wanted. Instead of getting a cheap $10 helmet, which I figured would be good enough, I bought a Giro brand for $60. Of course, I have a water bottle and lock for it also.

    I have not yet gotten into buying bicycle clothes and other gear and accessories. I'll get those as I find what I really need.

    What I also have not really done before is ride a bicycle along with heavy traffic. I'm starting to do this and I'm still a bit green on the bicyclist's rules of the road when it comes to sharing turning lanes or using crosswalks to get across the street. I'm not quite sure what is more accepted. I see other bicyclists in traffic, I see others using crosswalks, I see others going wherever they want. I just want to ride the correct way so not to make people mad and give a bad impression of bicyclists.

    So this rookie bicyclist has a lot of learning and catching up to do with getting back to bicycle riding. I suppose while I get more back into riding and reading the forums, I'll get more aquainted with better products, suggestions, opinions to make my bicycle riding experience a better one.

    I see you all around in the forums.
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    I think you've made the right choice in spending a little more for a quality bike. (I am a bit biased myself since I own 2 Treks.)

    As for riding with traffic, check out the Advocacy and Safety Forum. You'll learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know.

    Now, get out and ride!
    Cyclists of the world, unite! You have nothing to lube but your chains!

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