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    Lower Mississippi Delta

    Greetings from the deep south. I live in an area commonly referred to as Germantown, TN, just east of Memphis just east of the confluence of the Mississippi and Wolf Rivers.

    I've been cycling all my life. Did a bunch of mountain biking when I lived in East Tennessee, but after moving, my cycling was strictly as a commuter, at least until I finally quit running after many, many years. I still commute, but replaced the running with road cycling, and I've loved every minute of it.

    I own several bikes, but the most commonly used are a Specialized Stumpjumper from 1992 (coverted to commuter status) and a Bianchi road bike. I still dream of owning a Schwinn Lemon Peeler, a bike I yearned for in my youth and never received. No "mother" hangups...just still hung up on a bike that now sells for about $3000.

    I'm an activist, enviro-meddler and challenger of the status quo that welcomes Peak Oil with open arms. Can't wait for oil to hit $100+ per barrel and watch the car traffic slow to a trickle. And it's coming and coming quick, folks. Better pay attention if you aren't already.

    One day soon, us featherless bi-peds and our friendly bicycles will once again rule the day.

    "Let our people travel light and free on their bicycles."- Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

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    Hey, Welcome. Visisted your area several years ago. Had a friend who was at FedEx. As I remember there were lots of straight roads in the Germantown area, and a really good ice cream shop too.
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