Hi All,

This looks like a very cool, useful site. I'm looking forward to participating. Here's some info on me:

I've been bicycle commuting for several years now but this winter was the first one where I actually kept doing it through the cold months (though once the temperature hits the single digits I have to take the car). I've got a Marin hybrid with cyclocross tires which does a pretty good job on snowy, slushy streets.

Last spring I bought a Sekai 1000 road bike from a thrift store for $25. I took the derailleurs off and converted it into a pretty fun (if ugly) single speed. And just last week I went all the way and had my LBS build me a fixed gear rear wheel and replace the bottom bracket and crankset (which were in need of an upgrade). I've ridden my new fixie to work for the last few days and I'm having a blast.

The Sekai is my summer commute bike but I like to take it out for long rides on weekends as well. We'll see how I hold up on 20-30 mile rides with no coasting.

Things I'm interested in:
* commuting
* fixed gear/singlespeed bikes
* the history of my Sekai. . . all I've been able to dig up is that Sekai made bikes in the late 70s and early 80s. . . I'd love to know more about them.