Hi there,
I've been lurking for about a month and thought I'd finally introduce myself.

Having heard that one's health in their 20's is a major factor in an individual's health later in life, and being that I am a graphic and web designer and spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer, I've decided that I need more exercise. I've recently started commuting to work, an 8 mile ride from east Hollywood (Los Feliz for the L.A. savvy) to Beverly Hills.

Despite the stereotypical image of gridlocked traffic and sprawling cityscapes, I'm happy to see such a lively alternative transportation culture in this city. I live about 5 minutes by bike away from the Bicycle Kitchen, which is pretty sweet. I've also been on one of the Midnight Ridazz rides, which is a great time.

I already have a small two-wheeled stable built-up. My primary bike, which I got last week, is a 1975 Peugeot - I'm guessing it's a PX10. I can't really tell, as the decals and head badge have been removed. It's a craigslist find and the previous owner is the original owner so until I hear otherwise I'll believe him. Maybe I can get someone on these boards to ID it for me. My "fun" bike (and my first bike since I was a teenager) is a 194? Hiawatha cruiser. Another craigslist find, it's 40 pounds of squeaky, rusty glory. Not a great ride by any standard, but looks like a rocket ship and certainly gets a lot of compliments. Oh, I also bought a bike for my girlfriend. It's a 1970-something Chicago Scwhinn - either a Suburban or Breeze, gorgeously "recycled" by Metropolis Transport. Even though I only got the Peugeot last week, I'm already on the lookout for another "project" bike that I can strip down, clean up, repaint, and build up as a fixie.

When I need to get somewhere far or fast, I hop on my Vespa. I don't have a car. I sold it long ago because it's really a crappy way to get around this city, hence the username: 4wheels2many.

I know there's a bunch of other Angelinos on here, so I look forward to meeting some of you folks in the future.

Ride On,