I've been bike commuting around Boston for 5 years -- ~8 mi each way currently -- on a 15 year-old Bridgestone XO-5 hybrid (with arc bars). I love it and don't know why anyone drives a car around Boston. THAT is crazy.

Anyway, despite my bike beeing so good to me, until about 6 months ago when I completely replaced the drivetrain, I have treated that bike badly. It needs some rest, TLC, and new components (still have the original altus brakes, derailleurs, etc.). I also want to get a second bike that is much more of a road bike that has drops. I'm seriously considering the Trek Portland (I know, I know...too expensive, ridiculous to have discs, carbon fork, the too-small fenders, and pay the Lance tax). I've liked the Bianchi Volpe and hope to be trying out the Novarra Randonee.

I've been lurking around here for the past month, especially the Commuting Forum, and thought it was time to join up and contribute. Have lot's of thoughts about Commuting.

Thanks for all the advice I've been reading so far....see you around.