Sometime last September my 8 year old Trek 920 suddenly shifted gears from ocassional recreational diversion to primary means of transportation (My van is getting pretty bored sitting in the driveway). Over the past few months my new bicylce-centric lifestyle has raised lots of questions. What is a good lighting system to get? Do clipless pedals really make a difference? How do I keep from curling into a fetal position when the guy in the monster truck yells 'I'm gonna run you off the road!' ? Will the cycling gods strike me down with lightning if I mix Shimano and Campy parts? For these questions and many more, the forums here have quickly become my first resource for answers.

(cue inspirational music)
Now the time has finaly come to face my destiny. The months of lurking are coming to an end. I now lift myself up from the shadows in which I hidden and emerge into the bright future ahead. A future where I can interact with people from all walks of life and openly discuss bicycles without fear of opression or retalliation. Today, I have become a registered member of the BikeForums! *wipes away tear of joy*