Hello all. I'm a girl cyclist who enjoys both city trails and street riding (occasional commuter as I'm freelance and go all over town for work). I have a 1989 Trek Multitrack 750, bought new in Washington DC before I ever even owned a car; an older Nishiki Prestige road bike that is my current favorite, cause it's super light and nimble, but tough. Also a 1980's Raleigh USA Grand Prix that I found in the alley on trash day (!!!), that needs work, and that I am trying to decide whether to save or sell. Just sold my old Miyata mountain bike (bought for $26 at the Mpls police bike auction) to my housemate. Not a lot of mountains in the Twin Cities, so I never used it.

I'd love to find other cyclists who enjoy occasional, shortish rides (10-20 miles) on trails and in town.

I stumbled on the DC pirates forum at some point and found it hilarious and appealing. Are there any Twin Cities would-be pirates out there?