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    Bill from Idaho
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    Starting to embrace new technology?

    Hi fellow fanatics,

    I found your site, and have enjoyed reading, and learning from most of you. I have recently returned to the inter mountain west, from a too lengthy stay in Georgia. While I was there I really learned to enjoy southern barbecue, and sweet tea. So much so, that I am now about 20 lbs too heavy. I am a huge mountain bike fanatic. I attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where I became obsessed with mountain biking. My first bike was a 1989 Specialized Rock Hopper. I rode that bike into the ground. My destructive riding became costly, so I got a job at the local bike shop. While there, I purchased a few more bikes, the Haro Extreme Al with added Rock Shox Mag. 21 LT, and the Nishiki FS-2. I loved my Nishiki!!! It fit me like a glove. My love affair with this bike continues to this day, but there is the matter of the southern barbecue, and the 20 extra pounds I am now carrying. We landed back in the west, because this is where my wife is from, and she said she was moving back with our daughter, and I could stay in Georgia, or I could join them. So, I had no choice. I really am very happy to be back in mountain biking country. My Nishiki and the 20 extra pounds are having a lot of fun on the amazing trails around here. My wife in her gratitude for me joining her here, has agreed to let me buy a new bike, but I may have to sell my beloved Nishiki FS-2. I currently have it up for sale on Ebay if anyone is interested:

    However, I am somewhat reluctant to sell it. I have test ridden the Specialized Epic Disc at our local shop, and have put a down payment on it. It was amazing. I kind of felt guilty about how much I enjoyed riding that bike. If my Nishiki doesn't sell, I will not shed too many tears. If it does sell, I hope it is to someone who appreciates the vintage classics as I do. Thanks a lot, and I look forward to getting to know more of you.
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