I've been riding here in Oklahoma City for 7 months. Commuting with a Specialized Crossroads, which is my first bike purchased as an adult. (I'm twenty-six). There seems to be significant disadvantages to that bike, and as a result of the enthusiasm I've seen here coming from people who ride a Surly Cross Check, I've decided to purchase one and look forward to that very much. I ride about 20 miles a day or so now, around the city here, in what is probably the most bike-unfriendly city I've ever been to. The streets are passable I suppose, not too many potholes etc, and it's quite flat so you don't have to worry about hills, only the strong wind, which now I enjoy as a challenge. it's really only the people in cars who seem rather strange to me. stopping and yelling at me etc...throwing their pocket change at me in anger... as I say quite strange reactions. Before I too became angry, but not so now. It's a relief not to be angry at them most of the time. In fact, it encourages me to ride all the more, and I intentionally ride a lot on public streets for recreation as well as commuting, so as to sort of help people around here get used to bikes. They haven't had a lot of bikes here in the past, it's nearly mandatory to own a car here it seems, and fortunately gas prices continue to rise, and soon there will be more people riding bicycles...time to get used to it.

Anyway yes. I've been reading things from this site and it's really great. I've learned a lot. -owltooth