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    Hello from new Member

    Hello all,
    My name is John Lewis. I'm 65years old and live in Albany Western Australia.

    Other than when we were children, my wife Helen and I have been riding for about six years. That started when we picked up a pair of old 3 speeds at a swap meet.

    About four years ago we got a bit more serious. We read about a couple riding around Australia and wondered what it would be like. Well one thing lead to another and we decided to go and tour Tasmania. Its arguably the most mountainous area in Aus. Yes we could have picked something easier.

    We contacted Martin Arnold of Logo Trikes and he built us two shining new machines. I read lots of tour sites for information and we packed our panniers and headed off for a month.

    It was a great trip and we had lots of fun. We only rode about 60km on our longest day though. Our friends were sure we would never get over St Peters Pass but we did.

    Well we have continued to ride and I have now built two LWB tour easy clones which are great fun to ride with the local over 50's cycling group (They fit in with the wedgies better than the trikes.

    We have decided to return to Tasmania next year to participate in the Great Victorian Bike Ride of Tasmania.

    One problem we had last time round was transporting the trikes. They went to Launceston and we went to Devonport. We had a wait for them to be courierd down.

    This time I'm looking to build us a couple of SWB folding or dismantleable bikes that we can carry in a suitcase like the SatRday or similar.

    Enough of my ravings. Great riding to all.

    John Lewis

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    Welcome Mr. Lewis, I enjoyed your story. Love to see a pic of your tour easy clones!
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