Hello fellow riders.

I am a teenager in the sourther part of Wisconsin. I used to race in the series called WORS (wisconsin off road series). I really miss the races, but recently me and my dad have moved onto a horse farm (well 6 years ago) and haven't had the time to race much. I am 15 and my bike is still for the 13 year old me. Too small! So I'm hoping to get a new bike soon. Preferable on that is at least decent quality. Untilhen, I'll do with what I have got.

If anyone is in the Lake Geneva area and wants to ride with me and my brother (I'm not in top shape... my email is acorn22 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I was recently at one of the WORS races and got to pre-ride the course. It was the first good singletrack ride I've had in a while! Kind of what threw me back into biking I guess!

Oh, and you might catch me on AIM sometime, too. my sn is Acron22 (not acorn, notice)