What's up guys. Oops and girls! I'm just getting back into the bike world after not having ridden in about 20 years. I rode my Schwinn Varsity everywhere I went when I was a kid then I got my license and forgot all about it. About 3 years ago I started with a Schwinn hybrid to see if i still liked it and I loved hittin the trails on it and it was pretty decent on the street. I've ridden it on the Memphis Midnight Classic every year since I got it. I just retired that one and bought a Rockhopper for a little more fun. The bad thing is I haven't ridden it much yet. Last year a guy I worked with gave me a road bike. Said he'd had it in his attic for years and it would probably fit me. (I'm 6'6") It's a Grandis frame with SunTour components and it just needed wheels, tires, chain, and cables and it rides great. So, I've been riding the road bike and feel like I'm ignoring my mountain bike. I'm sure I'll reach a happy medium soon.

Enough about me, glad to be here and see ya around.