Hi to everyone, i'm new to biking as a hobby. I first got to learn about this site when i started searching more about bicycles. I used to commute to work like 85miles one way, i hated the long commute and increasing gas prices. So when i lucked out, got a new work and a place which is a few miles away, i decided to ride a bike to work. I got curious when my officemate rode his bike to work and i kept on hearing people saying i could just ride a bike to work because of the distance. I didnt' know much about bike, to the point that nice bikes are bought from xMarts, until my officemate told me to go to this LBS near my place. I decided to check it out and the people at the bike shop are nice and accommodating. I tried different bikes and they showed me which one's the right size for me and helped me decide which bike for my commute. I decided to get the best bike within my budget, suits my needs and i feel comfortable with. I got the 7.2FX hybrid/fitness bike. It's great for me and i'm really enjoying my commute to work. I've been commuting now for the 2nd day and looking forward for more biking experiences and fun.

This site is very helpful and i've learned so much stuff about bikes and commutes!