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    Hello from Michigan

    Hello. I'm a 20 year old male. I was into mountain biking big time about 4 years ago, then I got into high school and didn't have the time for it so I sold my bike.
    I came across the forums about 2 weeks ago while searching for a new bike to buy. I looked into the commuting forum and decided to try it, with keeping mountain biking in mind. I went and bought a Trek 4300 Disc. Then I added the trek flat pack, Bontrager thick bar ends and a crank bros multitool. I hope to add a good lighting system, a rear rack and fenders.
    This site has been very helpful, found out what things to carry with me, how to change my diet and good saftey tips. Its been GREAT excersize, and a few guys at work have started to ride a couple of days a week. My ride is 7 miles round trip, not much but I change tires all day which is PLENTY of work in itself. I try to ride everyday, but its only been 2 weeks . Thanks for having such a great forum!

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    Hi there

    I am also a 20 year old dude living in Michigan who does mountainbiking.

    I've got to ask, does your username mean that you have a tuned Miata? I personaly wouldn't drive one because of the simple fact that I'm a dude. Although, one could argue that the RX7 is way better than my old man style Crown Victoria.

    Edit to add: I just noticed how you said you change tires all day. If you live in oakland county, its very possible that we used to know each other. Let me put it this way, did I ever sell you a Haro BMX bike?
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