Just another crazy bike builder here. So far we've got three Choppers up and going here in Eugene. It all started with me being crushed by a very, very large TRUCK. Ended up with a shoulder disability and had to give up auto body as a full time gig. It soon got bad enough, that I've had to slow way down on my other toys....VW's and Hearses. So I started playing with bikes!! Re-living my second, or thrid childhood....who's counting right?

Would really dig hearing from other freak bike riders in the Eugene-Springfield area. We try to ride at least once a week, ride around downtown, and of stop for a brew or two. Drop me a line if your interested in tagging along.

The bike thing has taken over my life!! Also, have gotten into vintage bikes (bikes to nice to cut up), building the daughter a chopper, and bouncing around in my hollow little head, plans for a tandem chopper trike.