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    Greetings from Toronto

    Hi all,

    I discovered this forum two days ago and have been reading a lot of good discussion.

    About me: 36 yo male living in downtown Toronto. I was very into the mountain bike scene in the mid 90's, then gave it up when I collected a career, 40 lbs of un-needed weight, a house, and a spouse (my wife still is the best part). Even while owning three mid range to high end mountain bikes back then (all sold off years ago), my most enjoyable moments on a bike were on smooth and open road, so this time around, I'm looking to go "roadie".

    About my riding: I'm gettign back into riding to get in shape again as well as for pure enjoyment. I'm more into endurance than short term speed, and am using a century ride as my first goal for this fall.

    About my ride: None yet! I've been doing a lot of reading, which is what led me here. I'm pretty well decided on a LeMond Croix de Fer, or a LeMond Sarthe. I like well made steel frames, and I like the more traditional designs that LeMond offers.

    When I pick up my first (of several I'm sure) road bikes, I will write up a review.

    Cheers all!

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    Don't forget to join us on some rides. There's a bunch of regulars on the Toronto Fixed thread in ss/fixed forum.
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