Hi, my name is Walter, and I have been biking all of my life. I don't drive (but will get around to learning soon) and use my Dahon Mariner to get to and from the train station, and from there to get around campus. I have had the Mariner about ten months now, and have had all sorts of little things screw up, like the center clamp that joinds the bike, the screws got stripped, the back rim has had numerous spoke breakages (and needs to be trued). Folding pedals folded (fell apart!) at six months.

I guess with anything new, you will get problems. Broke the new pedals by (and this is a first in twenty-five years of riding) the new plastic pedal clipped a car door as the driver was getting out! Pedal was broken in one part, but otherwise I am still riding it (Lady whose car it was gave me twenty bucks to go away!)

Well, I will try to get my back tire straightened, but am looking at the posts here, and you guys are posting good info. I was interested in the Downtube brand, but am concerned if I can fit on one, being over six feet tall. Would the Dahon Speed TR of the MU XL be better? Any info is appreciated.