Greetings and salutations! I'm a 31 yr old daily rider in Novato, CA. I've logged a little under 600 miles so far in 2006 (I'm ashamed to admit I didn't ride during the storms of February/March). I've been riding bicycles with varying degrees of regularity since I was 3 years old. The serious times were through high school, and then again in the last year when I bought my Marin/Xtracycle, I made a pact to reduce all my trips by car by at least 50%; it's working out better and better everyday and I'm coming to loathe driving my car. I work from home but I do most of my errands and shopping (among them taking my 2 year old to day care 3 times a week) on a 2006 Marin Novato 9 Xtracycle. I also own a Bike E RX Recumbent, a Santa Cruz Heckler, a vintage Swing Bike and I have a vintage Schwinn Cruiser awaiting restoration. Oh yes... I have a rusty old Univega B.S.O that has been my playa ride at Burning Man since 2001. I've been a regular on the Xtracycle forums but I noticed there was some cross-over from members here, so I decided to join and check it out! I've been lusting over the Bromptons as the "ultimate" in folding luxury, so I'm curious to see what more people have to say about them. I look forward to conversing with y'all!