Hey, whats up, my name is Jonny. I'm a 28 year old cyclist who believes in the biking revolution, and that it must happen and it must be soon. Have a great adoration of the simple elegance of a true Keirin or pista frame. Right now I am in the process of looking for a new frame, but I am one picky bastard. Back in July I was hit by a 3/4 ton utility bed truck while riding my fixie to work in the morning. Luckily I'm pretty much okay with a few minor problems still, but the bike is not as such. So, I figure what better time than now to finally upgrade to an NJS frame, not that I'm trying to forget the other bike (I got a tattoo on my left ribcage of her sihlouette in memory). I currently own a few more than several bikes ranging from a couple mountain bikes, a bmx, a stretch cruiser, a tandem which I wanna "fix," a Litespeed which I am selling to one of my friends right now, a '77 Centurion Super Le Mans which is my current daily ride, a unicycle which I'm learning to ride, and of course my Surly Steamroller, which I'll post pics of soon as I load em, I haven't taken any photos of her since the accident, and I don't have any of her finished but I have one of her being built up on my stand at home. Well, enough about my obsession. Oh, and I work at a bike shop in Toms River, NJ as a mech... The pay ain't that great, but at least I can somewhat afford my addiction. Hopefully I get some pics up soon.