hello all-
I'm a 24yr old female roadie, from upstate NY. ex-collegiate rider returning to riding after 8-month layoff, surgery 2 months ago. I'm very poor, ride a rather humble road bike but it's well maintained. I like crits, not bad at TTs either. VERY excited about le Tour going on right now! Working on base mileage and refining spinning/climbing technique. Looking to start racing again next spring.
Hobbies include: obeying traffic laws and thanking my cop friends who write nasty drivers tickets for nearly hitting me (it's happened twice), playing stoplight/stop sign/mailbox, practicing trackstands, riding rollers no-hands, blowing past commuters who try to "race" (hey, they started it!). training alone and telling everyone I'm really slow...until the whistle blows...generally being obnoxious. taking the occasional endo over the hay bales.
however...i also like to just go out on Saturday mornings and ride my bike by myself for 70+ miles on deserted back roads-no need to hammer, so occasionally i stop to pet the horses and moo at the cows. Doing 100-mile AIDS Ride for Life in Sept.-so am actually going on some REALLY slow training rides with people on everything from mountain bikes to hybrids, enjoying sharing the sport with them and helping everybody stay safe on the roads.
biking is fun.
i'll probably be picking everyone's brains here about components and wheelsets-hopefully won't make too much a nuisance of myself...