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    Hello from Memphis from an old guy

    I'm 56. When I was 25, 56 was old, not middle aged. Now that I'm 56, maybe it is middle aged. I haven't ridden bicycles since I was young but started again about a week ago. I've had knee problems(arthritis) and my docter advised me not to jog or walk any more for exercise. He said swimming or riding a bike would be fine. I picked the bicycle.

    I had a bunch of Amex points saved up and saw a Trek 5.2 in the rewards book and ordered one. I'm still working on my seating position but am really enjoying this bike. I've been riding about an hour a day for the last week. I'm feeling more confident and stronger already but I have to watch the cars. Lots of crazy drivers here.

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    Congrats on the bike and getting back on the road. Your not alone. I bet a large percentage of us here BF are folks just like you who took many years off. I am one of them. I live in Collierville and we have quite a few clubs here in the area. Give me a shout if you are interested.
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