Helllo all, I have been reading your forums for a few days and thought I would join you.
I'm a confirmed bicycle fanatic. Do you know how most people will rave about cars and admire their lines and stop and look at unusual ones? I am that way with bicycles. It's one of the finest inventions of the last hundred years. I love(d) mine.
My old Motobecane which was purchased in Germany is now too heavy for me to lift and too difficult for me to ride but in its day that bicycle helped me recuperate from a bad auto accident that led me to leave Los Angeles and go to countries and cities that had public transportation and/or bikepaths.
I am in an equivocal situation now; I'm able to get around by bike but it is too dangerous to ride to work so I must rely on carpools or the sometimes-public transit system in Rochester.
I used to own a Giant Cypress DX but some wretch stole it two days ago (thank you kind members for showing me that it was the fault of my wretched Kryptonite locks) and so I now have a brand new Trek 7200 that will have to be kept indoors at night.
I'm a professional artist and professor at RIT, own a sweet cat named Gizmo, and am very interested in meeting Rochester cyclists who would like to go on 'social' bicycle rides. (I am not in the twenty mile class yet but can do 10.)
Thank you for reading and I am very happy to have made your acquaintance.