Hey All -

Just joined to nose around a little. I'm a self-employed web developer and live in Holland, MI.

I've been getting back into biking a bit lately and the archives of these forums helped me decide to keep the bike I bought new 22 years ago - a Bridgestone 300. I rode the bike semi-seriously for 2 years then parked it, college and marriage came up and the bike hung on the wall of my parents barn until this year. I pulled it down with the intent of selling it for a cheap comfort bike, but after putting air in the tires and riding it a bit (and reading about the renewed interest in these bikes) I decided to keep it and upgrade it a bit.

Anyway - here's a pic of it out of the barn and cleaned up:

And with some new components:

And here's what got us interested in biking - my main interest is 60's era Jeeps, and I have this matching Jeep trailer that we use for camping. This year I built a bike rack for it - setup such that I can put all 4 family bikes up on top and still use the body of the trailer for camping gear (pay no attention to the bike on the trailer - it went back to Walmart...oh and the Jeep isn't yet on the road so the trusty station wagon gets pulling duty...:

We're hoping to take the bikes along on some camping trips, and also do some day-trips to the local rails to trails places. We've done a bit and have really enjoyed it.

Now....hoping I can find some bike path waypoints for the GPS and also source a trunk bag for my rear rack...