Hi. I've never posted on any forum before, so this is all new. I haen't ridden a bicycle in awhile. My partner bought a bicycle for me from Dick's sporting goods 2 years ago, and the gears and brakes never worked right, so I didn't ride much. But the one time it worked I rode 10 miles and loved it. Then I had a baby, and in November 2005 a fairly major surgery. I am just now starting to get active again, and would like to bike to my classes at the local university in the fall.

I don't have real positive experiences with bikes. I had a 10 speed in high school, and never felt very comfortable on it. I am (usually or formerly) athletic and active, just not at biking! However, I am very environmentally conscious and commuting would allow me to save gas and get some exercise.

Right now, I'm looking for a bike before classes begin.