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Thread: Hello To All

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    Hello from Puyallup, WA

    Hello, my nameís Dave and I live in Puyallup WA. I use to cycle heavily till 1999 then kind of got out of riding do to dating and getting married. I decided to get back into cycling this year but have found itís hard to manage family life, getting miles in for the day, doing work around the house and going to work. So far this year not much workís been getting done around the house, most of my time is spent cycling and working for a living. Thereís a rail to trail close to home so this winter I was able to get 30 miles at night after I got home from work. Now that the weatherís been decent Iíve been commuting to work and back for a month and a half so I get 24 miles a day in there and I ride 60 to 100 miles on the weekend. Outside of cycling I enjoy my family, our many air cooled Volkswagens that we take to car show & cruises, my job and life in general.

    Hope to see many of you local cyclists out on the road.

    Take care, Dave
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