Hello fellow cyclists,
My name is Rick and I live here in beautiful and windy Troutdale Ore, which is an incorporated part of Portland. I've been an avid mountain biker for the last 19 yrs and I raced Downhill for 2 yrs and now that I have turned 42, I have picked up where I left off in 1988 when I sold off my vintage 12 speed Puegeot and Japanese SR 12 speed by acquiring a 1988 Schwinn Traveler and now I'm back into road riding. I have been on the search for a vintage late 70's to late 80's Schwinn Paramount as that has always been my dream bike(1988 Schwinn Paramount 50th gold edition)and now I'm on a quest to do some hard core road riding and track racing and above all is to meet some cool people here in this forum. I really look forward to hearing from others cyclists about their dream bikes or any cool vintage road bikes you guys have.

Ride hard and ride fast.