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    Pacific North West Rider

    Hi all,
    After years of not riding I am starting back up again, however I have some weight to loose. At one time I was riding hundreds of miles a week. I would drive into work with my dad and then ride home some 50 miles. I started riding to get into shape and found that I like riding, so one day my wife a work was talking to a co-worker about me riding and she said that her husband rode too. One weeken we meet and went for a ride. I was in my mid 20's then and he was in his mid 60's and kicked my butt riding that day. I remember I was trying hard to keep up and breath and he was just spinning away talking his head off. I was riding this old bike I got at a yard sale and he was on a European race bike. After the ride he let me take his bike for a spin and Oh what a different feeling it was. Later that month I bought a Schwinn Tempo and Look pedals. I still have that bike and its now in the LBS being tuned up, so I can get back to riding. I have about 80 lbs to loose and with my bad knee bike riding will be good for me.
    If anyone know of a club in the area north of Seattle let me know.


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    Depending on how north you are, there is the BIKES Club of Everett: And of course, the largest bike club in this area is Cascade:
    Regards, MillCreek
    Snohomish County, Washington USA

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