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    Glad to be a part of this forum

    Hello all,

    I am a Graduate Student at Texas State University-San Marcos. I love riding, though I used to ride a whole lot more than I do now. If any of you have ever been to San Marcos, you will know there is pratically a mountain to climb to get to campus. It is a hard finisher on your way to class.

    Right now I own a 1998 Raliegh 750, but I am about to retire that for a Trek SU200 I think. I do a lot more commuting than montain riding anymore.

    I am hoping to get my wife into the game, and I hope to recondition myself in the process.

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    Sounds like that hill will recondition you. I came back to cycling in Oct '05 and I've lost 54 pounds. I love riding as well. Hopefully your wife will see how much fun you are having and join you. Welcome to Bike Forums. Come on over to the commuting forum and hang out.

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