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    Hello from Cincinnati,Ohio,,Working up to 50 miles a week

    Found the forum while looking up old Reynolds/Columbus/Chromoly tubing road bikes.

    I知 a brand new newbie, only 8 weeks into it.
    My knees wont let me run anymore., I ran a 5k on 4the of July 2006
    and somehow the naproxen I was taking afterwards for swollen knees led me to my dusty old bike in the basement.

    I'm riding ..don't hurt yourself laughing, a 15 year old, 40 pound steel Roadmaster Silver Ridge ATB, with indexed Shimano SIS.

    Thankfully another manager at work is a century rider who clued me in to basic fit and cadence(and he kept a straight face about my old bike)

    Wednesdays, I ride 10 mile light ride with a friend who is newer than me at this.
    Sundays, I ride as hard as I can on a pretty hilly 7.5 mile county multi use trail close to home
    A good loop is now 28.5-29 minutes and, just now, I can get the 5th Lap in for 37.5 miles per Sunday.

    I would like to replace the 40 pound monster ATB but the kids college tuition is eating me up right now,
    so the TREK 1000 @ $685 @ the LBS will have to wait

    Look like my best bet is 10-20 year old Reynolds/Columbus/Chromoly tubing road bikes.

    What I can figure out has leads me to old Peugeot,Trek,Lemond,Raleigh.

    The LBS doesn稚 do used bike, thrift shops was a waste of time and Cinti Bicycle Club classified was too $.
    So I知 cruising thru Craigslist and EBAY

    My only concern in going to a road bike is how comfortable riding down on the drops will be
    and the downtube shifter seems like it is awkward on the old road bikes
    but that may just be because I致e gotten real comfortable with indexed shifter right next to hand grips on the mountain bike

    That sums it up , if anybody has any info/insight, I知 listening.

    Thanks for the forum, I値l be reading/learning.

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    Welcome to bikeforums.

    There's nothing wrong with your current bike. It just won't suit you very well on most group rides. If you're riding solo, I see no reason to be in a hurry to change.

    Also, there's nothing wrong with old (or new) steel bikes, plenty of people here would go so far as to say they are the best choice.
    If your relationship still works, you could be training harder.

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